Water & Water Meters
Water and Water Meters
What is a unit of water?

Water usage is measured by consumption units. One consumption unit is the same as 748.5 gallons or 100 cubic feet. A container five
feet long by five feet wide and four feet high holds one consumption unit.
Why is my consumption so high?

Consumption may be high for many reasons. If a bill is estimated too low for a length of time, an actual meter reading may result in a large
increase. More people may be living in the household. During the summer, water consumption may be higher because you are watering
the lawn or garden, or an outside hose may be left on. In commercial situations, you may have water-cooled air conditioning or your
business may have increased or changed adding to water usage. Often, consumption may be high because of leaky plumbing.

Customers often think the meter is not working right causing high readings. To test the accuracy of your meter, use the following
Run water until the test dial (the red sweep hand located on the face of the
meter) points to zero.

The test hand will be straight up in the 12 o'clock position when it is on zero. Fill
a one-gallon container with water.

Check the position of the red test dial. It should measure .1333 cubic feet.